We need men who can dream of things that never were.
John F. Kennedy
"Dr. Alexander is a remarkable human being.  Be the Beans is a succinct book that is an easy read on how to achieve success in life and business.  There are no slow parts, just very interesting characters who, through adopting an optimistic approach to their work, manage to achieve their greatest potential."
...Fred D. Wilson
Armor Plate, Inc.
"My core group of leaders are really enjoying your book. It's an excellent study guide for leaders in Mary Kay. This week, we concentrated our conversations on Accountability. Next time we convene, we will discuss Commitment. I have about 3,000 women/men in my organization in the U.S., Mexico and Canada. Thank you for writing words that change people's lives."
...Yvonne S. Lemmon
National Sales Director
Mary Kay Inc.
"Be the Beans is one of the rare books that offers true honesty on the linkage of business and everyday life. It does so through a compelling story of ingenuity, faith, and perseverance that you don't want to put down."
...Rich Danker
Director, Economics
The American Principals Project
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"Be the Beans is a simple, but exceptional story that demonstrates the impact and effectiveness of positive leadership.  Leading by example, listening to clients and employees, recognizing the difference your subordinates make, and setting expectations are a few of the lessons to be gleaned here on your way to being a better leader and a better person.
I sent a copy of Be the Beans to each of my grown children who, by all measures, are successful in their professions, and leaders in their businesses and personal lives.  The book was a way of recognizing them and the value of their positive, selfless leadership.  It was also a way to challenge them never to lose that spirit and to pass it on to their children; creating the expectation that they will use their energy and talents to make a positive difference wherever they go in life."
...Colonel Tim Sanford
Retired, US Army
Senior Vice President, Weston Solutions, Inc.

"Be the Beans is a unique and greatly needed narrative about how to overcome adversity in business and life. I will encourage everyone in my company to read this life-changing book."
...Richard Danker
Co-Founder, Glory Days Grill
"Be The Beans is a book that every young person who is starting out by working in an organization would benefit by reading. This book, although supposedly fiction, clearly embodies not only the recognized principles of modern effective management, but also the characteristics necessary for working with highly skilled and talented people. The upside of reading the book is that young people will see and feel what quality management is, but the downside is that, based on my experience, very little of their working lives will be under managers as sharp or skilled or as ethical and effective as those who are the heroes of Be the Beans.
The great upside of this wonderful book points out that success in managing large organizations can be and should be win-win, and not zero sum situations with our close families paying most of the price through shortchanged relationships. At the center of this book is the basic question which is whether a manager who is maximizing ethical, moral, and employee centered concerns, can also be the most effective and profitable catalyst for the bottom line. Be the Beans demonstrates that positive worker centered values combined with everyone accepting basic principles of accountability, commitment, service, and excellence is a winning formula for morale and happy home life's as well as profits. Be The Beans is a win-win corporate and individual buyout."
...Frank L. Morris Sr., Ph.D, MPA.
Retired Professor University of Maryland, Colgate University, and Northwestern University
Former Executive Director of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundatio
"It was a really good time for me to buy Be the Beans since my role at work has 'expanded.'  I really liked it and suggested a co-worker read it. He also liked it and we had a discussion about whether we considered ourselves a carrot, egg, or coffee beans.  It was interesting and now when he does something above and beyond the call of duty, I say to him, 'Wow, you are the beans' ... it is gradually becoming a new saying for our team!"
...Gail Miller
Engineering Manager
"It certainly is a book I did not want to put down. Well done and potentially life changing for anyone."
…Michael T. Collins PE
Global Improvement Leader - Mining, Storage, and Pipeline
The Dow Chemical Company
"I started reading Be the Beans on the plane last week and could not put it down.  It really hit home on how I strive to live my life."
...Darren Duhon
Lead Engineer - Columbia Pipeline Group
Nisource, Inc.
"What a great book and I am not much of a book reader, but yours was a pleasure... I had to read yours because of the curiosity it triggered, and I was not disappointed. Besides, the size of your book is not intimidating to me. Very manageable and very enjoyable."
...Claudio Allevato
Corporate Level III
Stress Engineering Services, Inc.
"Be the Beans has given us a common ground to discuss issues we see within our organization. This book has the ability to really impact those who manage people. Very helpful! Thank you!"
...Aimee Froelich
Director of Business
Rosehill Christian School
"Over the weekend I shared my copy of Be the Beans with my close friend Olivia Marx who was in town on business. Olivia is the Executive Vice President of Merchandising for Family Christian Bookstores. She was so inspired by what you wrote she is going online to order 12 more books to give to her staff."
...Beverly Pop
Vice President of Ministry Advancement
EAST WEST Ministries

"There are a lot of life lessons that I can pull from Be the Beans and apply as I grow while I prepare to finish my undergraduate studies and move to grad school."
...Harley May
Mechanical Engineering student
Texas A&M University
"Much of what you have written I have experienced first-hand, especially the destructive and corrosive force of negative people and how important it is to address that directly and swiftly. I have also experienced the boundless thrill of bringing a dream to reality with a team that is built on trust, openness and respect. I have always admired your professionalism and, especially, your wonderful attitude. If I had to phrase it, I'd call it 'outwardly projected optimism!' "
...BJ Lowe
Clarion Technical Conferences
"What great inspiration for young people starting their careers!"
...Pamela Sue, CPA
Stress Engineering Services, Inc. and Mohr Engineering Division
"I liked Be the Beans and needed it. It will help me not lose focus on what is truly important."
...David C. Katz
Staff Metallurgical Engineer
The Williams Companies, Inc.